We, the ones representing Mathilde are proud to have created a Romanian brand making history with every piece of clothing which reaches the wardrobe of its worldwide Customers. Open the door of your wardrobe to Mathilde's universe: unique, versatile, vibrating...
- Your Natural Style.
Open the door of your wardrobe and step into Mathilde's world. Notice the slick combinations of colors and materials, the vintage cut, the timeless beauty of dresses and overcoats, the distinctiveness of embroideries and manual insertions, the attractive sensation given that every day is a special day, Mathilde clothes being created to dress up every single state of mind.
As Mathilde is more than a clothing brand. In Mathilde's world skillful hands and limitless creativity give birth to special clothing concepts which complete every emotion a woman can feel, turning it into a special emotion.


Discounts up to -40%

SUMMER 2015 up to -30%

SUMMER 2015 up to -30%


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