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                 Mathilde means more than a brand of clothes, it is a state of well-being, through which the woman transcends beyond the banal, enlivening the joy of life and the feeling that she is special, not necessarily by belonging to a group of people or ideas, as By nature and originality.

You are Mathilde - I am Mathilde.

I started on this path of clothing and design clothing during the university in the early 2000s, guided by the passion and talent I was born with, a family legacy handed down from my mother. The desire to be free in the act of creation motivated me to get away from everything that means fashion as a serial product because I do not like anonymity in clothing.

Passion and talent, along with the images of women all over the globe, inspired me in a creative and original way. So I came to love to design clothes, managing to translate into each creation, along with fashion trends, a part of our traditions and identity, to give them life and a distinct appearance by personalizations with embroidery and handmade applications. My passion for clothing blended with my husband’s entrepreneurial spirit has allowed us to build a family business with love and dedication; Mathilde, our soul child, born and raised in the beautiful city of Brasov, was born, and walked along with all the women who embraced him, through the great cities and international capital cities of fashion to the farthest corners of the world.

From yarns of fabrics combined with love, work and passion, we created an endless story with every creation of Mathilde emerging from the handsome and talented hands of seamstresses and embroidery in our manufactory in Brașov, with every woman who embraces the Mathilde style and makes it part of her life, her dream.

We are Mathilde