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The fidelity card is not a credit card, but a loyalty customer identification card, on the basis of which the owners benefit from a number of advantages in purchasing products from the MATHILDE network of stores.

Benefits of the fidelity card:
10% discount for the purchase of any product at full price. The discount of the fidelity card does not cumulate with other promotions.

The conditions for issuing the fidelity card:
You may be in possession of the MATHILDE fidelity card in the following cases below:

  • Purchase value in a single shopping session is at least 1000 lei;
  • In the course of a calendar month, the client purchases products with a cumulative value of at least 1500 lei;
  • During a calendar month, the client has at least one purchase of at least 500 lei and brings a new client who in turn acquires a minimum amount of 500 lei.

Household receipts from any Mathilde representative are valid regardless of whether discounts are granted, or the corresponding products are part of promotions or campaign discounts. The participant completes the full GDPR sign-up form clearly and clearly. The enrollment form is completed and handed over to the physical sales points of MATHILDE together with the cash receipt that proves the purchase. The fidelity card will be released in the physical stores and will be sent online with the purchased products. Once in possession of the card, it becomes active and can be immediately used.

The loyalty program has an indefinite duration.

The fidelity card is free and is not transferable.

Under Law 677/2001, your personal data will only be processed for the MATHILDE analyzes. They will not be alienated to other databases; according to the above mentioned law, changes may be made or opposition may be made to personal data.