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Mathilde Gift Voucher

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The gift voucher is the ideal solution when you do not know what gift to choose a loved one!

Vouchers can only be used online to buy exclusively MATHILDE items.

For the dear person to receive the gift card, you need to place the order in the Finish page in the Email Address field, the email of the person you want to give the card to. Once you have paid your gift card through any of the forms of payment available on, the recipient of the gift voucher will receive by mail the code with which you can purchase the desired Mathilde product or products.

If the cost of order amounts is less than the total value of the gift voucher, the remaining amount will be unavailable.
If the total cost of the order is higher than the gift voucher value, the remaining cost must be paid by the customer using one of the forms of payment available on

The validity of the voucher is 1 year from the date of its purchase.