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Handcrafted in Romania. Ethical. Sustainable. Local.

Even from the beginning, in the early 2000s, we gave birth to MATHILDE, out of passion and talent for fashion design and beauty. We were growing organic, sustainable, and responsible.

We envisioned that each growth of the brand translates into benefits for the communities in Romania in which we are present.


The principles we follow:

  • Ethical:

We support the community, and the products are handmade in the two factories in Brașov and Aleșd by local artisans. The people in the production are respected and paid fair wages.


  • Low environmental impact:

Because our workshops are local, we have coverage in the country of 7 Mathilde stores and 15 partner stores, and therefore, we have a small supply chain. This means that we have reduced the transport footprint, the distribution cycle is reduced, and the collections meet the local need in order not to overstock.

  • We are inspired by the local creativity


Most of our collections, but also the Mathilde statement pieces are inspired by local wisdom, feelings, experiences. These are translated into the personal idea that makes our clothes and design so recognizable.

When you buy a Mathilde garment, you wear a piece of Romania framed into a global context. We are also inspired by other cultures, but we always return to the local craft.


  • Embroidery and manual applications

An important feature of Mathilde is that each garment contains a customized hand embroidery. Even if we refer to the bud embroidery, which established the brand or other types of floral embroidery or applications, all products are manually crafted in our workshops. This allowed us to detach ourselves from the mass brands present in Romania and to impose our vision and design with unique cuts and versatile patterns. In terms of shape and aesthetics, Mathilde embroidery patterns are unique in color and texture.

  • Slow made and exclusive designs

Every collection is carefully thought out in the workshop in Brașov and is an illustration of the brand’s creativity and vision. All items differ from what the phenomenon of fast and mass fashion means: they have personality, charm, and a design that celebrates the uniqueness of each wearer, being able to transcend passing trends but becoming an independent style.

The production and storage of fewer garments have several benefits: less fabric waste, unique and more personal design, the reuse of scraps in new garments in a creative way, a lighter pressure on the environment.

Slow made

Unique details


Care for details

Rich fabrics

Custom measurements